01 July, 2013

Wave of New Martyrdoms of Faithful Catholics

[The following is unsuitable for children and should not be viewed by them as it is of a very graphic depiction of murder] 

I am going to depart from my usual writings on apologetics and comment current events. There is a new wave of martyrdom against Catholics. It may well prove to be worse than that of the Roman Empire before the 3rd century. Governments all over the world are supporting this martyrdom as Europe is being held hostage by Islamists who have immigrated in such large numbers that they have created economic and social problems in Europe that promises to explode in deadly conflict. The governments in Europe and the United States are supporting the extremist Muslims in taking over the entire Middle East. Catholics in these countries, although marginalized and discriminated against, have lived in relative peace for centuries. Now they are being hunted down and martyred for their faith by these evil people who have taken charge of these formerly relatively peaceful governments. Here is an example of the evil that is being perpetrated against Catholics. The following is extremely graphic as it shows 3 monks, one of whom is a priest being murdered by decapitation:


I ask that everyone who reads this writes to their respective governments to stop supporting the takeover of the Middle East by these evil people. Please pray for the souls of those martyred for their faith. God bless!

In Christ
Fr. Joseph