02 October, 2013

Are the Jehovah Witnesses of the Watchtower a cult?

Many people define a cult as any group that does not agree with them. In the Christian context many people would define a cult as any group or sect that denies that Jesus is God and the second person in the Trinity of one God. This is the fundamental belief of Christianity and anyone who denies this Christian truth and calls themselves Christian is not Christian and thus a cult.

Another sign that many will point to of a cult is any group of sect that is a closed society. In the case of Jehovah Witnesses they search out those weak in faith and knowledge and lure them into their snare. The Bible calls such groups and individuals as "ravening wolves" who are intent on separating people from the truth but indoctrinating them into their condemned sect with false teaching. Once within and befriended by the membership they cannot leave with those friendships but instead if they do decide to leave the sect they are "shunned" and ostracized in a most deliberate and corporeal way which may even destroy families. There is no love behind their supposed friendships which are determined by dogmatic doctrines and beliefs that they are forced to share with one another or be expelled from the group and shunned. This practise is deliberately cult like behaviour.

Then there is the so-called biblical instruction that they receive. First of all they are taught to reject education and biblical scholarship. The only source of their training is from two comic books published by the Watchtower Society. In these scurrilous publications the members are forced to use only their materials to study. In those materials they eisegetically use excerpts of out of context biblical verses to support their man-made doctrines. The hermeneutical name for this practice is eisegesis. The following on my blog explains this extremely poor hermeneutical practise:


Truly one can say that this is a form of "brainwashing". It is a practise of disseminating falsehoods under the guise of study of the Bible. True study is done contexturally. By leading people astray on biblical teaching some would surely state with a great degree of veracity that this is a cult practise and more in line with Satan's will than God's.

God is truly just when He condemns those who are disobedient and refuse to follow His will through sin. Such people truly choose their own justice which is hell. He is loving when the obedient to His will follow Him and have true faith in Him. Such people are In Christ and will receive their heavenly promise of the Gospel. Jehovah Witnesses are taught not to desire this promise or even believe that Jesus is God which is a universal teaching of Jesus, His Church and the Bible. Truly God is just as well as loving.God bless!

In Christ
Fr. Joseph