08 June, 2009

Response to Barack Obama's comments at Notre Dame

“Maybe we won’t agree on abortion, but we can still agree that this is a heart-wrenching decision for any woman to make, with both moral and spiritual dimensions.” (Barack Obama)

The preceding statement is one made by Barack Obama at the commencement address of Notre Dame University.

Obama starts out stating the obvious that some people will not be in favor of the murder of unborn children by their mothers. Those people are people of faith who follow and believe in God’s commandment that says “thou shall not murder”. Godly people of faith would not even consider such an option that is so opposed to the morality taught by our Lord and His Church. Yet, this attack on morality happened at a Catholic University. This is obviously a shameful attack into the very heart of Christianity and a victory for Satan who desires to separate the faithful from the morality of God.

Obama says as a matter of fact that this is a woman’s decision abdicating the moral responsibility of society to be orderly and against murder regardless of the victim or the perpetrator. Does a mother truly have a moral privilege to murder that is exclusive to all society? People of sound moral judgment must oppose such a moral standard. Murder is not a decision, heart wrenching or not, that anyone in a moral society should legally make. It is especially egregious that this contemplation of murder is made by one’s own mother.

Obama rightly acknowledges that this issue has moral dimensions. It allows one group or one class of people who have a special right through law. If a society can endorse murder, even within a limited group such endorsement is denigrating to the society. It is difficult to imagine a greater sin, but the fact that it is perpetrated by a mother blessed by God with a child who is empowered by a society to make a decision to murder that child, makes it especially evil. Call it abortion if you wish but a baby is just as dead whether it is called abortion or murder and the act is just as much against the morality of the Church regardless of what it is called. I think that changing the word to abortion just helps one to forget that it is a murder of a baby. One can justify murder easier when you call it by a different name from reality.

Obama also acknowledges that the murder of the unborn has spiritual dimensions as well. Obviously, from a theological perspective this is true. Such acts can bring on the wrath of God on society since society is endorsing the destruction of God’s creation. Such actions are definitely opposed to God’s will. There is also the problem of the condemnation of the mother whose mortal sin of murder separates her from the familial relationship with God. Certainly even murder can be forgiven and one is reconciled back into God’s family but most do not seek forgiveness and are lost for eternity. Then there are the doctors and other health professionals who are complicit and active in the murder of the child which also separates them from God for eternity. The endorsement of government has the effect of justifying this sin not only by those involved but by all of society and precipitates a further slide into decadence and moral decay. After all, if murder is endorsed by society for mothers of their babies, what could be the limit of moral decay, if this is the standard of acceptability? If murder is acceptable to society, who as a result will be compelled to repent of the sin? It is frightening to even contemplate the limit of evil or even the influence of the spiritual source from which this comes.

Then there is the spiritual dimension that has influence on the victim of the evil of abortion/murder. That baby will not be able to grow up to fulfill God’s will in their life to be blessed and to be a blessing to others. That child will be easily forgotten because it was never known but to God. I am afraid that since this child is never known that it will be justified by many that it never existed to be mourned, prayed for or acknowledged. People will call this child everything except what it truly is a child and not a fetus, zygote or mass of cells. It is a life cut short by spiritual evil that begins to permeate society with justification and moral equivocation. Truly the spiritual moral dimension of accepting murder is a departure from the morality of the Judeo-Christian tradition. For the Catholic Christian it is rejecting the teaching of Christ and the apostles which is contained in its fullness in His Church. Those that fall for these lies by Satan and for those doing his will by being complicit in this moral departure from God’s will are by their support separating themselves from Christ’s Church and His salvific grace. May the Lord have mercy on their souls.

God bless,
Fr. Joseph

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