10 October, 2014

Response to someone calling himself Donald

[My response is in bold. You say that this is your final discussion with me because I do not agree with your false version of the Christian faith. I will always be here for you if you decide to explore biblical Christianity and Christ's own Church. We end this discussion and I am very sad that you remain lost in the man-made sect that has deceived you. I put your deceived soul in god's hands and pray that you develop ears to hear His Word.]

“Are you saying there was no Jewish race of people chosen by God before 1949?”
Of course not, I am saying that you erred in thinking there was a nation of Israel before 1949 as you claimed.
“Who was Abraham? Was he a nobody? Has the Catholic Church gone so far away from God that they are now changing History to fit their believes?”
He was the founder of the Old Covenant with God.
“You are getting more and more foolish in your teachings.”
How so?
“Its a shame the very Words of God are being spoken by such and evil person as you.”
That is a rather strange statement since you do not know me personally nor my heart. Did you just feel an urge to bear false witness against me?
“Romans 1:16
16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
The Gospel you slander is from God.”
Another strange unsupportable claim which has no basis.
“The more you speak the more you show how far the corrupted Catholic Church has fallen. I am very glad I'm no longer in the corrupted Catholic Church anymore. Like Luther and the others God personally lead me out of the corrupted Catholic Church.”
Again another strange statement since you have not been able in all of our discussions to give even one example of this claim despite the fact that I have almost begged you to support your claims yet you refuse and just unreasonably slander Christ’s Church and now me personally for no apparent reason. I find your claim very strange in view of Scripture….Jesus prayed that we remain in unity in His Church, the Catholic Church, and promised that His Church would endure for all times. The Holy Spirit inspired the apostle St. Matthew to record the promise of Jesus that the gates of hell will never prevail against the Church yet your claim is a contradiction of Jesus and the Holy Spirit's inspiration.(Mat 16:18)
“I'm going to Heaven! My name is written in the Book of Life and there is nothing the corrupted Catholic Church can do to keep me out of Heaven.”
I pray that you are not so deceived as to believe in your presumption. Being presumptive as you are is a great sin as only Jesus can judge. You are probably the least qualified to judge yourself. The Bible clearly states that he who endures in faith to the end will be saved and not necessarily those who presume to be saved. May our Lord have mercy on you for this presumption and usurpation of Christ’s authority. That being said it is the Church that Jesus provided to those that are His and it is truly the narrow path to salvation. You have chosen the wide way because of your pridefulness and disobedience. May the Holy Spirit set you on the narrow path provided by our Lord.
“If i see you in Heaven so much the better for you, but i have the feeling you will not be invited in.”
If that is God’s will then I have missed the mark after serving the Lord my whole life. I will continue to pray that I will be saved and will continue to serve the Lord. I would give up my eternity for you to be saved if it was God’s will.
“Enough is enough. Jesus told us to shake off the dirt of the houses where people refused to accept Him as their Lord and Savior.”
Certainly you are not describing me and have no reason to make such an accusation. I have served Him my whole life and His flock and have certainly accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Do you really delusionally believe that you have the power to judge the hearts of men. You would do well to worry about your salvation instead as it is you that refused Jesus’ will to be in unity with His Church for your man-made counterfeit that you are so ashamed to mention.
“By the way i have posted what you have said and many True Christians cannot believe why anyone would want to be in the Catholic Church anymore after hearing the lies the Catholic Church teaches.”
Well considering that you have not been able to identify and support such vacuous statements as the Catholic Church teaching lies your claims are as empty as your heart is for Christ’s own Church. I guess you believe that the Bible is false teaching when it says that the Church is the “pillar and foundation of the truth”. May our Lord have mercy on you for allowing yourself to be captured in the evil doctrines of men. God bless!
In Christ
Fr. Joseph

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