23 July, 2009

Discussion with LottaLou about the effects of sin and those who were free from sinfulness

(LottaLou) Abusing children is something Christians can't do. Christians have a relationship RESTored with God. And God would take us home early if we habitually abused children. So pedephiles in Churchs aren't saved yet. They are pre-Christians. Once saved, one may have used to be a pedephile. But with the heart change, we can't abuse children. Abuses lead children away from Jesus. When born of God, our souls become spiritual. No longer spiritually blind/dead in trespasses/sins, but redeemed. We used to abide in sins. But no more. We feel convicted and confess our sin, & He is faithful to forgive...

(Cristoiglesia) So, you do indeed believe that Christians cannot sin and that the redemption provided by our faith prevents us from actual sin. Are you saying that just one sin would be evidence of a reprobate soul and as a result there is no purpose of repentance once saved or reconciliation since the evidence of sin says there was no redemption to begin with? Let me see if I understand your position…..we have that one salvific experience of faith through grace and we will never sin again? This makes absolutely no sense based on biblical teaching.

LottaLou)As a Christian, you should realize that you couldn't abide in the sin of molesting children. You would know that the Father knows what we do behind closed doors. Christians are forgiven for past, present & future sins. And when we sin, we sin in the Light of Christ. So we know what God thinks of abusing children. Jesus had warned of hell fire for this. And as Christians with the love of God in our hearts, how could we abuse children?!! You said yourself that if a Christian takes Eucarist without discerning the body of Christ, some sleep. And so any Christian abusing Children who take Eucarist would die early. This sin is not discerning that we are purchased with a high price. We are not our own. We belong to Jesus.

(Cristoiglesia) I disagree with you and I think that your position is very dangerous to ones soul. Christians face temptation and are seduced by sin which separates us from the familial relationship with God. If one remains unrepentant then the soul may indeed die and be lost. One that was “In Christ” has fallen away due to unrepentant sin. We all have different weaknesses that Satan exploits through temptation to separate us from our salvific promise. That being said these sins remain and separate us from God unless we choose to repent and seek reconciliation. So, it is the Church position and the teaching of Scripture that we all are sinners and that through Christ we can be forgiven when we ask to be with a sincere, contrite desire. There is no sin so great or so small that we cannot go to God for forgiveness and He will forgive us 70 times 70. You are very wrong to believe that Christians are free from sin and all those that sin are just reprobate souls. We are certainly not forgiven of future sins that are not confessed and repented.

(LottaLou) The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Only One who was born without sin nature (from the mans seed, tendency to rebel). Jesus is the Lamb of God without blemish. And when tempted in the wilderness, Jesus didn't sin like the 1st Adam. The Bible tells us that John & Mary had fathers, conceived in man's sin nature (sperm).

(Cristoiglesia) We agree that Jesus was born without sin, where we would disagree is how that occurred.

We must look to the origin of original sin which is transmitted in the semen along with the human nature but it is not a part of the soul which is the spiritual part of our nature. The semen is not the cause of the soul which is the eternal part of our nature but the movement of the semen disposes itself into the soul and infects it. We are a part of the guilt of Adam and Eve by the inheritance of our humanity with the attachment of guilt affecting the soul more than the humanity that was already perfect.

Jesus did not commit actual sin nor was His soul stained by original sin because of God’s grace that saved the blessed mother of God from the inheritance of original sin at her conception to prepare her as the perfect vessel for the nurturing of our Lord within the tabernacle of her womb. She was made pure so that no sin could dwell with the God man. In conclusion, the blessed mother received the benefit of her Son’s redemptive sacrifice at her conception. St. John received the same grace at birth. I would also remind you that Adam and Eve were created without sin. God bless!

In Christ
Fr. Joseph

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