23 July, 2009

More discussion with LottaLou about the Church and apostolic succession

(LottaLou)I don't believe Jesus only asked Peter to Lead the whole Church. Jesus Christ is our High Priest & King, who is our Lord & our God. And Jesus has all the Names of His Apostle/Prophets written in the Church Foundation. So I don't agree in the Apostolic succession, but understand that this is true for the Catholic Church. Really, all True Christian Churches have the same foundational teachings as the Catholic Church. But Catholics are legalistic about it. And add rituals & things have to be done a certain way. And there are errors in the extra books in the Catholic Cannon. That isn't my learning style.

(Cristoiglesia) Well, let us see if what you believe aligns with the teaching of Jesus as recorded in the Scriptures. You are correct that Jesus is the High Priest in the order of Melchizedek, King, Lord and God. The Bible does not say that Jesus wrote the names of the disciples on the 12 foundation stones of the Church but that they are the twelve foundation stones in His construction vernacular. Continuing with the construction vernacular used by our Lord there is no other foundation mentioned except to say that Jesus is the cornerstone. Therefore the disciples are the entirety of the foundation and the Bible does not say that the foundation will be enlarged to add other foundation stones but that the Church will be built upon the foundation of the twelve that Jesus chose personally and publically before the establishment of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church at Pentecost. The Church grew from this foundation and no other that can be identified in Scriptures or in any historical accounts. This is why St. Ignatius, the third bishop of the bishopric of St. Peter in Antioch and the disciple of St. Peter and St. John said in defining the Church that it is those who gather around the Bishop. At this point apostolic succession was firmly established and accepted as the only valid leadership and authority of the Church. So according to Scripture it is indeed true that all true Christian Churches are those that gather around the Bishop who succeeded from a validly ordained Bishop. So, accordingly apostolic succession is the mark of the true Church. Unless, of course, you think you know more about the teaching of our Lord than someone who was the disciple of two of the Lord’s disciples and two of the foundation stones of the Church.

Yes we are serious about correct teaching and practice but not in a legalistic way but instead the way of truth. There are no errors in the Bible. God bless!

In Christ
Fr. Joseph

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